Veganism =/= Whiteness

If you're like me, you're probably sick and tired of PoC erasure when it comes to veganism and vegetarianism, and you've probably been told before that the ARM is a White thing. If not that, then you are sick of the racism within the ARM that belittles human tragedies (slavery, holocaust) and use these tragedies to stand on whilst speaking about animal suffering. We've had had it, no more veg*nism is a white thing, and no more appropriating PoC in the ARM. We are here, we exist, and we don't take your racist shit.




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People often don’t eat veal because it is a baby animal…

But they are all just babies. 

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The Chapultepec Zoo just celebrated its 90 years of existence. This is one of the most prestigious zoos and most visited in Mexico and probably in Latin America. But sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Due to captivity, poor feeding, lack of veterinary care and spaces that do not match the natural habitat of the animals, the animals here are in terrible condition. And we can not stand and watch without doing something: managers of the Chapultepec Zoo need to react before it is too late.

The consequence of all this is that today the zoo animals have lesions, signs of malnutrition, stress, depression, diseases, including dementia this is leading to violent behavior toward themselves, with potential to reach self-mutilation.

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I’ve seen several posts lately asking about L’Oreal’s ‘new’ stance on animal testing, so I thought I would do a post of my own. L’Oreal are not the shiny happy company they are making themselves out to be.
This is their statement:
“L’Oréal no longer tests on animals any of its products or any of its ingredients, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others. An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes.”
The devil is in the detail, the last line is their disclaimer, their get out of jail free card so they think. PLEASE don’t fall for it. The line is another way to state ‘unless required by law’ or reserving the ‘right’ to bring something ‘innovative’ to market that would require lab tests, so not using already proven to be safe ingredients. Sometimes cosmetics with fancy claims are actually classed as drugs so they of course have to be legally tested. L’OREAL and many other companies like them employ people to cleverly word things so you fall for it. PLEASE don’t let them get away with it.
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Tyson more like byeson

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‘arent we supposed to have antlers or something’
‘fuck if i know’

'who cares we're mad cute'



‘arent we supposed to have antlers or something’

‘fuck if i know’

'who cares we're mad cute'

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white girl: *puts on a sombrero and puts on a mustache*

white girl: “my name is pablo jose rodriguez!! haha, it’s so funny because the dehumanizing stereotype that all latinx people are like this is humorous to me. :)”


The deep, savoury and complex flavours of this dish are complemented by the brightness of lemon. All together they make this vegan version of the classic Spanish Paella stand out.

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human: *gets a pig as a pet*

human: “let’s name them bacon or ham!! ya know, it’s so clever and cute, especially since pigs are slaughtered by the thousands daily by our kind, and now that we are taking care of one we will name them after that. haha :)”



Found a pack of them in my friend’s garden and went for the oldest and sickest. Swiftly dispatched in front of its family. Don’t worry though activists, every part will be used and it was quick and humane xox


Can u please tag ur plant cruelty posts

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