Veganism =/= Whiteness

If you're like me, you're probably sick and tired of PoC erasure when it comes to veganism and vegetarianism, and you've probably been told before that the ARM is a White thing. If not that, then you are sick of the racism within the ARM that belittles human tragedies (slavery, holocaust) and use these tragedies to stand on whilst speaking about animal suffering. We've had had it, no more veg*nism is a white thing, and no more appropriating PoC in the ARM. We are here, we exist, and we don't take your racist shit.




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I don’t get how it’s easier for people to believe we’re vegans because we want to feel “morally superior” or “righteous” towards everyone else than we actually just care about animals.

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Okay, but Israel =/= Jewish. Yes, of course the majority are, but it's in no way homogenized. Why not just say Israel/Palestine?
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I can make that distinction in future posts


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While I fully agree that veganism is not a white people thing and feel your post is very strong, you might consider removing or altering the mention of Israel. It's only been a country since 1948, but you've included it in a group with long and extensive histories. Perpetuating the belief in a "state of Israel" prior to its inception is a method used by Zionists to make claims on Palestinian lands. ...I guess it just seems inconsistent with the anti-racist aims of your blog...
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Jews are PoC, and while I am pro-Palestine and anti-Zionist, to leave out Jewish people because of the politics of Zionism seems sort of anti-semitic?




And of course any Austinite who hates animal entertainment circus shows. 

There’s going to be a rally protesting Ringling Bros Circus tomorrow evening outside of the Erwin Center. Come if you can! Facebook event page

Boost! Fuck Ringling, let them know they’re not welcome in ANY city on their tour.

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You mean only vegans have the right to campaign about ending animal cruelty? Way to go coming off as a classist.
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What about that assertion is classist? Your implication that vegan = middle class however, is classist. I am militantly working class, and ate very little meat even before I become vegan, because we could not afford it. The most impoverished people in the world eat plant based diets, meat is a luxury, it is only comparatively cheap in the west because we subsidise it to a ridiculous degree.

I am not convinced that you understand what classism is? Veganism is not a class. I am simply stating that you cannot campaign for animals to have rights, while simultaneously believing they do not have the right to be alive, the right for self-determination or the right to decide what is done with their own bodies. 98% of animals who are victims of abuse, are abused by the meat, dairy and egg industries… So are you just advocating for the remaining 2% to be treated well? 

I cannot legitimately advocate for women’s rights, while simultaneously engaging in misogynistic and sexist behaviour. I cannot campaign against animal cruelty, while living a lifestyle that promotes, funds and requires animal cruelty. The two positions are wholly incompatible. 

I'm a white vegan. Is there anything I can do to stop erasure of vegans and vegetarians of color? The trivialization of veganism as a trendy, white, western thing instead of something practiced in every culture for thousands of years?
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Just correct people whenever they say its a white, trendy, western thing. Explain to them how people of color have been doing plant based diets for thousands of years, that plant based diets are part of many different religions such as Rastafarianism, Hinduism, Jainism. Stay away from racist comparisons like saying animals were treated like Holocaust victims, and correct those who do such things.


This photo really made me cry, is soo tiny and defenseless :(

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"Stop forcing your beliefs on me!" whined the carnist as they ate the flesh of someone who was literally forced to die because of the carnist’s beliefs that they are entitled to others’ bodies

It sounds like you’re confusing carnism with cannibalism

Ah no it seems like you’re confused about what we mean when we say “someone.” You see there is this really weird, radical notion within veganism that animals are, in fact; not objects.

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Hi everyone. This is Bing. And his vet bills to date. Bing is a very special little doggy who has had a whole lot of problems. :( He just turned 2, and last summer, right after his first birthday, he was bit on the side of the head by a snake. This summer, right after his second birthday, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. He is now on 2 regular medications (every 12 hours) plus a 3rd medication that is given only when he has a seizure. He will also need to go to the vet to get his blood checked to make sure he doesn’t have too much or too little of the regular medications in his bloodstream. The bills are piling up a bit faster than I can handle, so I’ve set up a fund page for Bing… here it is:

Thank you to anyone who donates!

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What do you think about people using the word holocaust or slavery to explain animal suffering? I personally don't find them offensive because they're words as well as events and the words aren't owned by a certain group of people. I never say the holocaust because it's an event but say a holocaust because that's a word. If someone is offended I don't use it again, those are just my thoughts.
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That is why this blog birthed

because people appropriating the tragedies of people of color, who til this day are still suffering, for another cause.

More often than not, when a vegan compares animal suffering to slavery, they have no clue that institutional racism still exist. As I say, they can write a 10 page report on animal suffering, but struggle to write a page on how racism still effects the people they just used as a stepping stool to preach with. 

These vegans only use holocaust and slavery analogies because they are trigger switches to the brain, but they end up just ignoring my black ass and my problems to help animals. They erase the struggles of various PoC when they use our pain for talking points.

They dont know our fucking pain.

They need not appropriate and erase.

And it is not even that effective sometimes, because it often just turns into a debate about how offensive the comparison is.

Stick to the images, videos, books, personal testimonies, and science. The movement has enough without adding to anti-blackness, anti-semitism, and racism.


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Human bodies have adapted to cows milk. Its healthy and necessary for us now. Say what you like but we need milk to survive.
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image Dairy is very bad for you.

And *gasp* if we need dairy to survive then I’m a ghost typing out this message. All of Vegan Tumblr is a ghost community.

Wait so you mean to tell me that grown humans shouldn’t drink the milk made for calves?



After age 4-5 (or so) we stop producing the lactace enzyme that breaks down milk sugar lactose causing it to be broken down as a toxin in the body (this goes for all milk, even human milk). 

Only about 30% of the worlds population can actually produce the enzyme into adulthood. That mean that 70% of the entire planet can’t properly digest milk of any kind. Some are worse that others. Notice I said planet… no “U.S.” or “U.K.” or “Asia” but planet.

The statistical odds you can digest diary is very slim. More info here:

Lmao. I don’t drink milk. Pretty sure I don’t need it to survive.

It’s the vitamin D in milk and dairy that is good for you, idiots.

It’s funny you call us idiots when you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. The vitamin D in milk is FORTIFIED. Naturally, milk has only trace amounts of vitamin D, and must be added to be a good source of vitamin D. Don’t get me wrong, fortification is great, but you can get plant milks and other vegan foods fortified with vitamin D. It also naturally occurs in some mushrooms in adequate amounts, or you can just go outside if possible. 

Here, have a government website talking about how Vitamin D isn’t naturally occurring in reliable amounts in milk, and that it’s fortified: [Link]






5% Of China adheres to a vegetarian diet

13% Of Taiwan adheres to a vegetarian diet

5% of Israel adheres to a vegetarian diet

It is accepted that some Greek philosophers brought their beliefs of vegetarianism from Egypt.

There are sources that say ancient Egyptians ateplant…

who the fuck said it was a white people thing? i’ve never heard anyone say that in my life.

girl shut yo basic ass up.

Up yours. God forbid I’d like to think people generally know better than to believe white people invented vegan/vegetarianism.

You can’t see why she got short with you? The blog’s name is Vegsofcolor, implying it’s ran by people of color who are vegetarians and vegans. The blog made a well researched post about animal rights outside of white nations and people, because they’re being silenced and erased. 

Then you, a white person who isn’t even a vegan, come in and deny it’s happening. There are vegan people of color, who are living life from a perspective you aren’t, whose word is much more reliable than yours on this subject, flat out telling you it’s happening. Yet your first reaction is to question the validity of their claim multiple times.

Instead of talking over POC and “liking to think people know better than that”, listen to POC. White Supremacy loves taking the achievements of POC and rebranding it as their own. White supremacy loves making white people out like angelic compassionate individuals, and POC (especially in history) out like unintelligent savages who couldn’t possibly have concern for animal rights. 

Guys if ya’ll don’t fucks with Carnism-is, you need to follow them like right fucking now.


in case anyone was considering buying a shirt with that image, the man in the photo is requesting that people dont buy it 

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